31st March 2005

St Ives
9 chiffchaff

Undisclosed site
peregrine, 3 raven, 2 sparrowhawk

also 4-6 buzzard and 2 sparrowhawk nearby

Sandwith Moor
2 little owl

Leeshaw Res
2 wheatear and 9 twite inc 2 colour ringed

AJ, T Kuechel, S Goodwin, Ian Hargreaves

30th March 2005

Barden Bridge - Howgill
pair dabchick, 4 goosander, cormorant
3 dipper, 2 nuthatches and 3 grey wags.

2 mandarins just to the north of the BOG area on R. Wharfe

Knotford Nook
100+ sand martins, 5 tree sparrow

Leeshaw Res
19 twite

J Flood, T Kuechel, Ian Hargreaves

29th March 2005

Undisclosed Site
peregrine, hen harrier, buzzard, sparrowhawk, 6 LBBG, 4 redshank

Leeming Res
pink footed goose

Sandwith Moor
up to 8000 golden plover in roadside fields at SE243526

Bingley Moor
male Wheatear, Skylarks, Golden Plovers, etc
male Whinchat near Thimble Stones
c400 Fieldfare below Doubler Stones

A Jowett, T Kuechel, P Cunningham

28th March 2005

Private Wetland Site
willow warbler, 2 chiffchaff, 3 reed bunting
40+ sand martin, 2 swallow
5 redshank, 20 oystercather, 7 snipe
2 pairs grey partridge
3 goosander, 4 wigeon, 18 goldeneye, 15 pinkfeet

Cold Edge Dams
2 twite and several linnet

Lindley Wood Res
3 goosander, 2 chiffchaff, bullfinch, grey wagtail

Sandwith Moor
3000+ golden plover, 2 drumming snipe

undisclosed site

16 oystercather, pair teal, LBBG, LRP, 2 peregrine, buzzard

undisclosed site 2
2 SEO, peregrine

Fly Flatts Res

Leeshaw Res
7 twite

Members only Sewage Works
green sandpiper

60+ sand martin, swallow, 10 goldeneye, pochard, chiffchaff

23 canada geese, 4 goosander, 2 greylag, 2 curlew, stock dove

Please note that records of certain species eg raptors and any other sensitive/schedule 1 species on suitable breeding habitat will not be entered on this page during the breeding season other than under "undisclosed site"). All reports are still important as these will be passed onto the relative people/groups who monitor them. Please also note that this website is NOT connected to the BOG annual report and all records should be sent to the BOG recorder Mark Doveston as well for inclusion in the annual report. Any reports of rare birds are just that, reports and are not records which have been verified by the relevant records commitees. Thank you

26th March 2005

Cold Edge Dams
pair stonechat

Queensbury rugby field

Members only res
willow warbler

Fly Flatts res
buzzard north

Sandwith Moor
3000 goldies

200 goldies, 50 lapwing, 150 starling, grey wagtail

25th March 2005

Sandwith Moor
3000+ goldies

members only sewage works
green sand, 3 snipe, 2 redshank, 2 oycs


2 oycs

24th March 2005

members only sewage works
green sandpiper

Leeshaw res
9 twite

23rd March 2005

Private Wetland site
red kite
2 redshank
7 mute swan

Otley Park
13 mute swan

Soil Hill


wheatear, 4 twite and 3 redshank

Trough Lane
6 wheatear

22nd March 2005

3 sand martin

members only sewage works
green sandpiper
water rail

21st March 2005

Sword Point
redpoll singing, chiffchaff, stock dove, 3 oycs

members only sewage works

15 goldeneye, 11 tufted, 6 pochard, teal, 3 GCG + dabchick

small private lake
mandarin, 6 goldeneye, pair wigeon, teal, chiffchaff + red kite

Ovenden Moor
Red Kite flying East at 13.40

Lower Laithe Res
24 whooper swans, 9 canada geese, pair goosander

Leeshaw Res
pair gadwall, 3 heron, 30 canada geese

20th March 2005


Trough Lane
2 wheatear

Cold Edge Dams
2 pairs stonechat, pair tufted, 3 goldeneye
3 oycs, 3 redshank, 180 golden plover


16 fieldfare

Soil Hill
2 wheatear and golden plover


3 lapwing, 3 oycs, redpoll, jay

19th March 2005

Leeshaw Res
4 twite

Trough Lane
2 wheatear

Castle Car Road

Sword Point
18 stock dove, GSWP drumming

otley park
6 goosander, 2 dipper, 2 grey wagtail

2x Little Owl, infamous "metal-pecker" drumming

Dick Hudson's
8 Pink-footed Geese, Redshank, Linnet, Skylark, Curlew

Private Wetland Site
5+Redshank, 27 Lapwing on territory, Oystercathers
35 Goldeneye, 5+Pochard, Little Owl, Skylark

Knotford Nook
Sand Martin heard overhead, Tree Sparrow

Undisclosed sites
Red Kites, Buzzards, Short-eared Owl

17th March 2005

Wharfe Valley
3 sand martin and 4 buzzard

48 common gull

15th March 2005

Bradford College
25 waxwing

sunbridge road, Bradford
40 waxwing

13th March 2005

Weecher Res
2 Oystercatcher

Dick Hudson's
8 Pink-feet with Greylags

Cold Edge Dams
pinkfoot, pair goldeneye, pair tufted and 4 greylags on water
2 stonechat
lapwing, curlew and skylark displaying

Soil Hill
northern golden plover

undisclosed site
2 red kite
3 buzzard


18 common gull

tundra bean goose
still present

redshank, 9 lapwing and 9 teal

12th March 2005

Private Wetland site
3 Wigeon
Little Grebe
Great Crested Grebe

Knotford Nook
3 Wigeon

Timble - North
several Brambling

Dick Hudson's
4 Pink-feet with Greylag flock

Whetstone Gate
2 stonechat

Wharfe Valley
6 buzzard
4 red kite

20 waxwing

30 stock dove

East Morton
25 redwing

11th March 2005

Wharfe Valley
3 red kite
5 buzzard

9th March 2005

Cross Lane, Wilsden - Lapwing displaying over field

9th March 2005

8 Skylark

Soil Hill
4 Common Gull
5 Fieldfare
10 Skylark
pair Lapwing

8th March 2005

3 Reed Bunting