Ospreys over BOG from Loch Garten

News of Ospreys from Loch Garten passing through the BOG recording area can be found by following this link to our visible migration blog.


31st August 2008

10+Siskin, Green Woodpecker, GSWdpkr, Nuthatches,
Swallows, Jay

M Doveston

30th August 2008

Marley Playing Fields
Yellow Wagtail, 41 Pied Wagtails, Spotted Flycatcher,
Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, House Martins,
Swallows, BHGull, Long-tailed Tits, Bullfinch

Fly Flatts - 6 Wheatear

Nab Water lane - 1 Wheatear,

Trough Lane - 4 Stonechat

Ogden Water
GCGrebe, 150+BHGulls, Swallows, House Martins

Glovershaw area -
3 Wheatear, Stock Dove Sconce lane - singing Willow Warbler,
80 Swallow mobbing a Sparrowhawk and 13 Siskin flying over
wooded valley. Edge of Shipley Glen - Spotted Flycatcher,
2 Willow Warbler

Members Only Res
Moving birds:
Swallow 109 > S, Chaffinch 31 > S, Linnet 304 > S,
Meadow Pipit 14 > W, alba Wagtail 4 > SW, Grey Wagtail 3 > W,
Grey Heron 1 > E, Sparrowhawk 3 > W, Tree Pipit 4 > SW,
Wheatear 4 > SW incl one showing characteristics of Greenland race.
Peregrine 1 > S, Starling 3 > SE, Snipe 1 > W, LBBGull c457 > S
BH Gull c670 > S, Common Gull 6 > S,
anada Goose 46 fresh back, Barnacle Goose, Pink footed Goose
Common Sand 2, Stonechat 2, Mallard 18, Kestrel 6, Tufted Duck 2

M Doveston, B Vickers, H Doveston,
S Radcliffe, DCBarker, H Creber

29th August 2008

Wharfe Valley
3 sightings of an adult Osprey
10+Buzzard, Red Kite, Peregrine, Sparrowhawk
60+Siskin, 3 Goosander

Members Only Res
Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 36 > W, Chaffinch 5 > W, Tree Pipit 1 > SW.
Starling 53 > SW , Siskin 10 > SW, Grey Wagtail 1 > SW,
Redstart 1 in wood, Tufted Duck 2, Mistle Thrush 5 > W
Lapwing 67 > SE, BH Gull 1 > NW
Other: Golden Plover, Common Sandpiper, LBBGull 105

Trough Lane - 4 Wheatear, 8 Mistle thrush.

Fly Flatts, - 6 Wheatear.

Nab water Lane - 6 Wheatear,

Leeshaw Res - 1 Wheatear, 4 Cormorant

Glovershaw Area
20 Mistle Thrush on the Rowan trees at the top of Shipley Glen this morning.
Stonechats (2 adults and two juveniles), Willow Warblers, Reed Buntings and
about a dozen Meadow Pipits. There were five Wheatears in the 'horse field'
alongside the Glen Road.

AGGough, A Tremethick, DCBarker, B Vickers, P King

28th August 2008

Nab water Lane 4 Wheatear

Glovershaw area.
The pair of Stonechats were again along the Glen Road with their two juveniles and a Wheatear was feeding in the 'horse-field'. A Whinchat was seen in the field behind Golcar Farm and at the head of Shipley Glen a good number of birds had gathered, principally to feed on two Rowan trees. Up to ten Mistle Thrush were devouring the berries with Greenfinch, Blackbirds, Starlings and Rooks. A female Blackcap flew from the tree and a Grey Wagtail was on the beck and on the nearby bank were three Pied Wagtails. Further round, in the furthest corner, on the edge of the bracken, another family of Stonechats (2 adults and two juveniles) were seen and also two Willow Warblers, a Whitethroat, a Reed Bunting and two Linnets.

B Vickers, P King

27th August 2008

Trough Lane 4 Wheatear

Nab Water Lane 1 Wheatear

B Vickers

25th August 2008

Wharfe Valley
At least 3 cream-crowned Marsh Harriers possibly 4
Peregrine, Red Kites, Buzzards, Swallows, House Martins,

East Riddlesden Hall
Tawny Owl calling in the evening

Crossflatts - Silsden via canal
Many Swallows and House Martins

G Holmes, M Doveston, S Radcliffe

Wheatear - B VIckers

24th August 2008

Member's Only Res
Moving Birds:
Grey Wagtail 2 > W, Ringed Plover 6 in one group > W
Common Sandpiper 2 > W off the end of the reservoir.
Greenshank 1 > W, Snipe 2 > W, Cormorant 1 > W +1.
LBB Gull 12 > S, Dunlin 3 > W

Green Sandpiper, Common Sandpiper, 36 Lapwing

Silsden Floods
124 Lapwing, Mute Swan, Black Swan, GHeron,

Nab Water Lane - 15 Wheatear

Stockbridge -
2 GSW, 2 Blackcap, Whitethroat, 7 House Martin, Jay, Kestrel

DCBarker, M Doveston, BVickers, SRadcliffe,

23rd August 2008

Wharfe Valley
Marsh Harier juv, 5 Red Kite, 2 Sparrowhawk,
14 Buzzard, Raven, 5 Kestrel, 2 Peregrine, L Owl,

Member's Only Res
Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 21 > W, Swallow 107 > S, Willow Warbler 1 > SW
Common Sand 1 > W, Lesser black backed Gull 1 > S
Linnet 5 > W, Yellow Wagtail 1 > WSW, Tree Pipit 1 > SW
Curlew 2 > W

Paul Clough 0715- 0840,
Willow Warbler 2, Bullfinch 6, Blue tits, Coaltit, Great Tits.
Greenfinch, Chaffinch.

Nab Water Lane,
Whinchat 1, Wheatear 5

Fly Flatts - Wheatear 5.

Trough Lane - Curlew 2

Glovershaw Area
A couple of Wheatears were on the golf course and adjacent wall and a family group of eight Grey Partridge were flushed from the field by Golcar Farm. Up to three Willow Warbers were in the trees by the farm and 15 Swallows were feeding here. A Kestrel was hunting over the moorland fringe and the pair of Stonechats on the Glen Road were still present, whilst Meadow Pipits were flocking together with at least 12 birds were wires and feeding

East Riddlesden Hall - Nuthatch

Denholme Clough/Doe Park Res
Cormorant, Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler,
5 Linnet, MEadow Pipits, Swallows, 3 Jay

Silsden Floods
Mute Swan, Black Swan, 10 GHeron

AGGough, DCBarker, BVickers, PKing, MDoveston
D Odell,

22nd August 2008

Otley - Red Kite

Private Wetlands -
19 Tufted, Little Grebe, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel,
48 Canada, 16 adult Mute plus 3 juvs, Cormorant

Silsden Ings
Mute Swan, Black Swan, eleven Grey Herons,
300 Lapwings and two Dunlin

Wharfe Valley
Three Red Kites,two Peregrines,two Swifts,20 Pied Wagtails,
three Ravens and nine Siskins south[2+6+1] 20 Siskins north.

Nab Water Lane - 12 Wheatear,

Fly Flatts 1 Wheatear.

Cononley Ings - 250+ Lapwings, 106 Mallard

Sconce Lane area - Reed Bunting, SEO

S Radcliffe, D Odell, B Vickers, C Pottle,

21st August 2008

Silsden Res - 2 Black-tailed Godwits

Stockbridge -
12 House Martin going west whilst feeding, 1 Swallow,
1 Whitethroat, 2 Blackcap
, 2 Bullfinch

Wharfe Valley
two Red Kites, 7+ Buzzards, Sparrowhawk.
Three Peregrine Falcons, Swift, Hen Harrier
Several small parties of hirundines south mainly Barn Swallows.
Three Stock Doves, Five Mistle Thrushes, Merlin

Trough Lane - 2 Wheatear

Nab Water Lane - 7 Wheatear, 2 Whinchats,

Fly Flatts - 1 Wheatear

JLTopham, SRadcliffe, BVickers, D Odell, AGGough

20th August 2008

Trough Lane
Whinchat 1, Stonechat 1,

Nab Water Lane
Wheatear 5, Stonechat 1

Glovershaw Area
three Wheatears on the bracken along side the Glen Road. Near the junction of the Glen Road and Glovershaw Lane, the pair of Stonechats were active, but no signs of the juveniles

B Vickers, P King

19th August 2008

Silsden Area
female Goosander north/north-west over the R.Aire floods and c.40 Lapwwings south/south-west at 09:20. Two Swifts were over the village and a Dipper at the Beck near the Industrial Estate. Later at the floods[Silsden Ings] there were c.39 Mallard,a Teal and c.150 Lapwings.
At the Reservoir there were seven Tufted Duck and a Curlew

Glovershaw Area
pair of Stonechats on the Glen Road were very vocal, the probably have at least one juvenile in tow. There was another male Stonechat some distance from this pair. A Wheatear was by the golf course/gallops.

D Odell, P King,

17th August 2008

Member's Only Res
Moving Birds:
Meadow Pipit 215 > W, Swallow 54 > SW, Grey Plover 1 > W
House Martin 1 > W, Siskin 5 > SW, Kestrel 7

Lindley Wood Reservoir. 1 Arctic Tern fishing

DCBarker, R Ratcliffe

16th August 2008

Member's Only Res
Kestrel 1F, Sparrowhawk 1, Robin 1 + 1 Juv
Blue Tit 1, Wren 1, Blackbird 2, Willow Warbler 3
Greenfinch 6, Goldfinch 1, Chaffinch 1, Linnet 8+
Meadow Pipit 12+, Crossbill 1 heading West
Pied Wagtail 1 + 1 Juv, Swallow 12+ Local 20+ West
Wood Pigeon 3, Lesser Black-back Gull 30+
Black-headed Gull 30+, Carrion Crow 5, Mallard 2
Greylag 1

Nab Water Lane, 4 Wheatear

Paul Clough,
4 Willow Warblers, 2 Juv Bullfinch

Oxenhope Moor - 2 Peregrine

Bingley garden off Villa Road:
huge flock of mixed tits (50+), including at least
8 long-tailed tits and a willow warbler

3 Redshank, Oystercatcher, 3 Sedge Warbler,
50+Goldfinch, Snipe, Kestrel, Reed Buntings,

East Riddlesden Hall
Kingfisher, 2 Jay, GSWdpkr, Willow Warblers, Bullfinches,

C King, DCBarker, B Vickers, A Josephs, M Doveston

15th August 2008

Snaygill - Hobby at 10.30

Paul Clough,
20+ Siskin, Bullfinch,

Nab Water Lane,
2 Wheatear (Pm),

Trough Lane,
2 Wheatear (Pm

Glovershaw Area
Reed Bunting Glen Rd, Stonechats, both on the Glen Rd and Glovershaw,
counted 7 or 8 individuals. Two Kestrel just off the Glen Rd,
Two Wheatears by the golf course at Glovershaw

Cononley Ings was mainly dry,
two Green Sandpipers and three Redshank
Overhead five Herring Gulls (4 adults and a juvenile) flew by and
300 Mallards

Bradup and Whetstone Gate,
the breeding pair of Stonechats were seen with two juveniles.
A pair of Kestrels were 'mobbing' a Sparrowhawk and a
family of 12 Linnets were the only other birds of note.

G Holmes, B Vickers, S Lilley, S Radcliffe, P King

Wharfe Valley recent sightings

4 Red Kite, 2 Sparrowhawk, Hen Harrier juvenile, 8 Buzzard, Osprey, 5 Kestrel, 2 Peregrine, Raven, 2 Cormorant


13th August 2008

Timble Ings - 5 Crossbill

S Goodwin

11th August 2008

Deep Cliff, Harden - 70 House Martin feeding.

St Ives - pair of Sparrowhawk with at least 2 young.

Stockbridge -
24 Swift drifted south and late, a further 28 were feeding
over Riddlesden

Shipley Glen Area
pair of Stonechats along the Glen Road were very vocal. This is the pair that raised four young earlier in the season and are now probably going to repeat the process. Swifts were moving south and feeding over of Baildon Moor as they passed by. I counted about 50 in the hour or so I spent watching. At least three Green Woodpeckers were actively feeding and moving around the area between Brackenhall and the Old Glen House.

S Radcliffe, P King

10th August 2008

Stockbridge -
juv Jay, Blackcap, Whitethroat (heard), 2 male Reed Bunting
(1 carrying food), juv Bullfinch, Kestrel

Member's Only Res (7.00am - 10.00am S-SW Wind F4)
Redstart 1 Female, Robin 2, Willow Warbler 6+
Dunnock, Wren 2, Blue Tit, Blackbird 1 Female + 1 young
Lesser Black-backed Gull 30+, Black Headed Gull 2
Snipe 5 heading W, Swallow 20+ and 5+ heading S
Linnet 10+, Meadow Pipit 5+, Canada Goose 10+
Kestrel, Lapwing 1 heading W, Wood Pigeon 2
Jackdaw 10+, Carrion Crow 10+

S Radcliffe, DCBarker, C King

9th August 2008

Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits
Little Egret heading towards Otley
cormorant, kingfisher, little grebe, moorhen, tufted duck, coot, mallard

Members Only Res
2 Dunlin, Tree Pipit 1, Meadow Pipit 30+
Linnet 20+, Swallow 20+ local birds with with 4 SW
Lesser Black-back Gull 80+ generally heading S
Black Headed Gull 3, Common Gull 1
Redshank 2, Mallard 6, Moorhen, Red-legged Partridge 9
Red Grouse, Willow Warbler 1 Singing, Greenfinch 1, Blackbird
Pied Wagtail 1 young male, Wood Pigeon 2,
Lapwing 100+ over Wilsden

Green Sandpiper, Kingfisher, 4 Snipe

Leeshaw Res - 3 Cormorants

Fly Flatts - Peregrine

S Parkes, M Doveston, G Holmes, DCBarker, C King
B Vickers,

8th August 2008

3 Green Sandpipers

Leeshaw Res,
Cream crown Marsh Harrier 1300
Green Sandpiper (on the shore at 1930,)
Pied Wagtails, 25 (on the wave wall 2000)
Swallows, 100+ at 2030

Beaverdyke and Scargill Reservoirs
Juvenile Green woodpecker, Garden warbler, Spotted flycatcher, Nuthatch , Marsh tit, 6 Tree sparrows in garden of house at Beaverdyke Reservoir, 5 Linnets.
Common sandpiper, 3 Redshank and 2 Oystercatchers at Scargill Reservoir, with apx. 500 Lapwings and 130 Black-headed gulls. Little owl by John O'Gaunts Reservoir and 2 Buzzards

2 Red Kitesat Whetstone Gate 8.50am

G Holmes, K Moir, B Vickers, J Poland, N Ward,

7th August 2008

Wharfe Valley - Marsh Harrier cream crown
5 Red Kites, Buzzard, Kestrel

Stockbridge -
2 Kingfisher, 3 Whitethroat, 4 Reed Bunting, Sparrowhawk

Tufted Duck and seven young at Redcar Tarn.

Fly Flatts
Two Twite[colour-ringed], a Wheatear and a Curlew

Peregrine - Member's Only Res

S Radcliffe, D Odell, AGGough

6th August 2008

Silsden to Stockbridge along the Canal
eight Grey Herns together about a mile south of Silsden.
Two Redpolls were nearer Keighley.

distant Peregrine and a superb Kingfisher sat in front of the hide.
Also Sparrowhawk,Willow Warbler,three Blackcaps.

Fly Flatts - 3 Wheatear,

Nab Water Lane - 5 Wheatear

D Odell, B Vickers,

5th August 2008

Glovershaw Area
A Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (female) was in the trees beyond Golcar Farm. There was also a GSW (male) for comparison, five Willow Warblers, numerous Greenfinches and 20 Swallows over the farm. The pair of Stonechats were again prominent on the Glen Road, near the junction with Glovershaw Lane.

Nab Water Lane Am
3 Wheatears, 1 Whinchat

Paul Clough
3 Bullfinch, 3 Willow Warblers

Two Curlew and an Oystercatcher at R.Aire Cononley.

Two Snipe and a Redshank at R.Aire Skipton.

Skipton Sewage Works
Two Snipe, Green Sandpiper[heard], three Sedge Warblers
and four Reed Buntings

P King, B Vickers, D Odell

4th August 2008

Hazlewood Moor -
3 Wheatear, 2 Buzzard (at least), 2 Red Kite, Raven,
male Stonechat plus about 40 Red Grouse.
Painted lady Butterfly.

Wharfe Valley
Buzzard 4, Raven 6 ( 4 Am High East, 2 pm west),
Oystercatcher 3, kestrel 4. Numerous House Martins,
Sand Martins and Swallows over the river
Swifts moving high West in good numbers

Silsden Garden - Kingfisher (200 yards from water)

Silsden Res - GCGrebe

S Radcliffe, B Vickers, D Odell

3rd August 2008

Member's Only Res
Moving Birds: Oystercatcher 72 > W, Redshank 1 > W,
Crossbill 2 > W, Linnet c120 > W and SW, Goldfinch 21 > SW,
Greenfinch 13 > W, Meadow Pipit 100+, Wheatear 2,
Willow Warbler 6+, LBBGull 2 > NW, 10 > S, BHGull 2 > S,
Skylark 1 > W

male Whinchat, Stonechat, 4 Kestrel, 20+Meadow Pipits

Redcar Tarn - Tufted Duck with 1 downy young

East Riddlesden Hall - Redpoll, Kingfisher

DCBarker, M Doveston

2nd August 2008

Adult Yellow Legged Gull, resting in a field with LBB gulls, Nr the Guide Inn Keighley Rd Cullingworth 1130hrs

Stockbridge -
Whitethroat, Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Jay, Kestrels, Kingfisher

B Vickers, S Radcliffe

1st August 2008

Stainburn Forest -
2 GSW, Kestrel, 4 Tree Pipit, Crossbill

Scargill Res -
250 BHG, 500 Lapwing, 9 Tufted plus 2 duckling, 27 Canada,
Cormorant, Green Sandpiper, Reed Bunting, Little Grebe, 16 LBB

Beaverdyke Res -
4 Tufted plus a female with 7 duckling, pair of Blackcap, 200 Starling,
80 Lapwing

John O'Gaunt Res -
3 Tufted, Grey Heron, 3 Oystercatcher, 5 Willow Warbler,
Treecreeper, Little Grebe with 2 juvs, 3 Cormorant, 15 Canada Geese.

S Radcliffe, P King,

31st July 2008

Kingfisher - S. Lilley

Stockbridge -
Whitethroat, Blackcap, Bullfinch, Willow Warbler and Reed
Bunting, plus distant view of Peregrine, Kingfisher

S Radcliffe, S Lilley,