30th January 2008

Hawksbridge Lane Oxenhope,
72 Greylag Geese, 2 Pinkfeet Geese in fields

Lower Laithe Res,
30 Canada Geese, 1 Goosander.

B Vickers

28th January 2008

Pink-feet flock heard at 6.00am
110 Pink-footed Geese heading west at 12.13pm

13 Cormorants west over Silsden Reservoir

Bolton Bridge to Addingham
130 calling Pink-footed Geese west over Farfeld Hall
Three Little Grebes, 5[possibly 9] Goosander on the Wharfe
Dipper , 2 Jays

Addingham 60 Pink-feet west over the north of the village

six Pink-feet west over Bracken Ghyll Golf Course.

Dipper Marchup Beck

Lower Marchup Farm [Addingham to Silsden]
Ten more Pink-footed Geese southwest.

Silsden Reservoir 14 Pink-feet flew south-west

Shipley Glenn area
Two pairs of Nuthatch were disputing territory by the Old Glen House and there were two more males calling on thewestern side of the Glen. A pair of GSW were very active with the male drumming and a pair of MistleThrush were engaged in settling into the area. Moorhens had returned to the 'pond' in the Glen and 2 Little Grebe was a again present by the footbridge over the river at Hirstwood. Thirteen Grey Herons were at roost, five on the 'muck heap' and eight further along the beck at Milner fields. At 12.15pm a flock over about 100 Pink-footed Geese flew along the valley, from east to west

Two large skeins of Pinkfeet over Cottingley between 11.30 and 12. one about 150 and the second about 300 ..heading NW.

300+ Pink feet flew N/W over Caldene Fields at 11.00

60 PF Geese >W over Queensbury 1130hrs.

Denton Hall
Very large flock of lapwing in front of Hall: 400 visible on ground in near field but some in field beyond and could well have been >1000 from earlier sighting of flock in air.

Private Lake
5 female goldeneye; 1 green woodpecker in field beyond

Knotford Nook
3 great crested, 4 little grebe, 1 cormorant, 7 goldeneye
1 male pochard, 7 wigeon inc 4 males, 14 tufties, 133 coot

M Doveston, D Odell, P King, M Taunton, MVPriestley,
J Flood, B Sumner

27th January 2008

Cononley Ings,
Mallard 220, Wigeon 48.

Silsden Ings,
Lapwing 214.

Silsden area
Over 150 Lapwings, Kingfisher on canal with 53 M and 51 F Mallard, 6 Redwing in allotments. Dipper and Grey Wagtail by bridge at Belmont Road, plus 6 Grey Partridge in field. 4 of them were ‘fighting’ before flying off. Saw 2 in lower field by roundabout, one chasing the other around. c25 Common Gull on flood towards Keighley

Wharfe Valley,
Fieldfare 145, GBBGull 5,
Raven 2, Sparrowhawk, 3 Red Kite, 6 Buzzard

Stockbridge -
2 Water Rail seen, 20 Siskin, Oystercatcher,
4 Goosander, Redpoll

Coppice Pond - 13 Canada Geese
Racecourse Plantation - flock of 20+ Siskin, 15+ Long-tailed Tits
Cuckoo Nest Bog - Grey Wagtail

Ilkley along the Nesfield Road to Addingham and back
M & F Mandarin Ducks still at Riverside Hotel at Ilkley
Two large flooded areas on Ilkley Golf Course with plenty of Gulls
M & F Goosander where the old Ilkley Road and the Dales Way meet
And overhead a skein of over 50 geese species just after 1pm
pair of Dippers flying together either side of Old Bridge at Ilkley

Redcar Tarn
200+Lapwing, Tufted Ducks

Cullingworth Fields
300+Lapwing, Stock Doves, BHGulls, Common Gulls

East Riddlesden Hall - Brambling

30 Pied Wagtails at Dowley Gap Sewage Works

pair of Little Grebes on the river at Hirstwood

B Vickers, S Radcliffe, S Thomson, J Stallworthy, M Doveston
M Fanshawe, P King, T Tudor

26th January 2008

Cononley Ings,
Shelduck 2, Shoveler 4 ( 3males 1 female ),
Teal 28, Mallard 130+, Wigeon, Wood Pigeon 80

Cullingworth Fields
5 Herring Gull )4 Adult 1 1st year), 10 Lapwing
18 Stock Dove, 500 BHGulls, 200 Starling

East Riddlesden Hall - male Brambling

B Vickers, M Doveston

25th January 2008

Lindley Wood Reservoir - gale force wind
Mandarin (male), two Goosanders, a female Goldeneye
and 8 Wigeon (5 male and three females).

flooded fields at Farnley full of Common Gulls, about 2500

female Bramblng at Silsden Industrial Estate with
24 Chaffinches

Silsden - Cormorant, 3 Sparrowhawk, Grey Wagtail

P King, S Radcliffe, D Odell

24th January 2008

Cononley Ings
Shoveler 7 ( 5 males 2 females), Pochard 2,
Wigeon 40+, Teal, Mallard, Mute Swans 8,
Grey Heron 10

B Vickers

23rd January 2008

Cononley Ings mid day.
5 Shoveler, 15 Goldeneye, 4 Goosander, 40+ Wigeon, 32 Teal,
2 Pochard,1 Snipe, 162 Mallard

Wharfe Valley
5 Red Kite, 4 Buzzard, Hen Harrier ringtail,
Little Owl, 100+Fieldfare

Redcar Tarn - 31 Tufted Duck

Skein of 73 Pinkfeet NW over Skipton Sewage farm just after noon

20+ Siskin on Nelson Street in Bradford City centre

A Tremethick, B Vickers, F Jones, MVPriestley

22nd January 2008

Shipley Glen Area
Pair of Kingfishers were on the 'pond' and 4 Nuthatch were calling,
together with a couple of Song Thrushes.
A pair of Mistle Thrush have staked out an area
8 GreyHerons at 'roost' along a very swollen beck at Milnerfields

Private Wood:-
7 Grey Heron, 4 Goldeneye, 1 Buzzard, 1 Red Kite,
1 Sparrowhawk, 1 Woodcock, 1 GSW, 30 Redwing

P King, E Scarfe

20th January 2008

Sparrowhawk, 3 Reed Bunting, GSW, 4 Goosanders

riverbank at Ilkley
m & f Mandarin Ducks still outside the Riverside Hotel and on the other side of the river was a Little Grebe. Couple of Mistle Thrush. Two more Little Grebe’s seen downstream by the suspension bridge and a Sparrowhawk overhead. Lots of long tail tits, blue tits, great tits, chaffinch, goldfinch, and a few goldcrest seen in the trees around the suspension bridge and cemetery area.

Riddlesden canal - flock of 30+ Siskins feeding on Alders

East Riddlesden Hall - Kingfisher

S Radcliffe, J Stallworthy, S Lilley, M Doveston

19th January 2008

Private Wetlands
male Scaup, Red-crested Pochard, 7 Little Grebe
3 GCGrebe, Sparrowhawk, Siskins, 5 Teal,
Goldeneye, Tufted Duck, Oystercatcher, Reed Bunting
100 Lapwing, 1 Snipe, 1 Brambling, 3 Redwing

Wharfe Valley
4 Buzzard, 3 Kestrel, 4 SEOwl,
Hen Harrier, 2 Red Kite, Little Owl

Alder Carr Wood - Sparrowhawk, GSW

Banks Lane, Riddlesden - 4 Stock Dove, Kestrel

Glovershaw - 2 Reed Bunting

Weecher area- pair of kestrel, male displaying

Ilkley to Addingham, back along the Dales Way.
Highlights were:
m and f Mandarin Ducks outside the Riverside Hotel at Ilkley at 10:15am
Little Grebe at the bend in the river a bit further upstream
2 Buzzards circling above the woods to the north of the suspension bridge at about 11:15 am and then saw one of them again from the other side of the river when I got to Addingham Low Mill
m Goosander near Ilkley Golf Course
4 Mistle Thrush near the Tennis Club
Grey Wagtail near Riverside Hotel on return

Cononley Ings,
Pintail 4, Shoveler 2, Goldeneye 11,
Wigeon 25+, Teal, Mallard 50+.

Silsden Res,
Pochard 2, Tufted Duck 4

Timble ings,
6 crossbill, huge flock of >20 LTT, 12 redpoll
plenty of red grouse on moor to round hill

Norr Hill, Wilsden - 6 Skylarks

M Doveston, S Radcliffe, J Stallworthy, E Scarfe,
B Vickers, G Robin, DCBarker

17th January 2008

Private Wetlands - Black-necked Grebe

G Phillips

17th January 2008

Stockbridge -
Water Rail, Bullfinch, 6 Siskin, 3 Goldfinch, Jay, 2 Reed Bunting

S Radcliffe

16th January 2008

Cormorant on Swinsty Reservoir

P Croft

Little Egret @ Cleckheaton

A Little Egret has been seen in Cleckheaton since Christmas Eve. It is a daily sighting along a stream that runs down fields at the back of Mazebrook Avenue. There is a public footpath that runs down the edge of the same fields.

15th January 2008

Silsden Area
Six Grey Partridges opposite Silsden AFC this morning. Another two flushed along the footpath from Silsden Res. to the Well House. Three more opposite Swartha Riding School.
Drake Goldeneye on the Res.

White-fronted Goose with 66 Greylags at Leeshaw Res this afternoon

2 Mandarin m.& f. @ landing stage Old Bridge, Ilkley 1.00p.m.

D Odell, B Vickers, N Ward

13th January 2008

Silsden Floods
29 Teal, 2 Mute Swan, 800 BHGulls, 2 Lapwing

East Riddlesden Hall
Kingfisher, 7 Moorhen, Coot, 70+Mallard

Cullingworth Fields
40+Lapwing, 600+BHGulls, Herring Gull
400+Common Gull, 8 Stock Dove, 500+Corvids


2 Redpoll, 2 Bullfinch, GSW, 3 Reed Bunting,
Kestrel, plus singing Song Thrush

Goit Stock
singing Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Siskin, Redpoll

Private Wetlands
Red-crested Pochard and Scaup still present.
6 Pochard, 6 Wigeon and 5 Goldeneye.
Great Crested Grebe and 2 Little Grebes.
400 Lapwings, 2 Oystercatchers

Shipley Glenn area
12 Grey herons, singing Mistle Thrush, Nuthatches

M Doveston, S Radcliffe, DCBarker, D Odell, J Fontana
P King

12th January 2008

Oxenhope, Leeshaw Res & Hawkbridge Lane fields
White-fronted Goose still with Greylag Geese

Cullingworth Fields
No sign of the Glaucous Gull
Several hundred BHGulls and Common Gulls
75+Lapwing, 10 Stock Dove

Stockbridge - 33 species including:
Peregrine, Kestrel in box, 3 GSW chasing each other,
6 Siskin, Song Thrush, Bullfinch & 3 Reed Bunting

Tong Park Lake
Green Woodpecker, Bullfinch, 2 Jay, 1 Pheasant,
5 Goosander (2m, 3f), 3 Little Grebe, 1 Shoveler (f),
mallard, black-headed gulls (c25), 12 Coot, 1 GHeron

M Doveston, S Radcliffe, D Halliday

10th January 2008

Cullingworth Fields
Glaucous Gull still present, several Lapwing and
small gulls also.

Saltaire Canalside - male Mandarin

Cononley Ings ( 1015 )
heavily flooded between Skipton and Cononley
Goldeneye 6, Goosander 4, Mallard 94, Teal 2
Mute Swan 7

G Robin, D Ogden, F Jones

Glaucous Gull - B Vickers

9th January 2008

Cullingworth Fields- Glaucous Gull

East Riddlesden Hall - male Brambling

White-fronted Goose still at Hawksbridge Lane, Oxenhope
with the flock of Greylags this afternoon

M Doveston, B Vickers

8th January 2008

Cullingworth Fields - Glaucous Gull

Bingley, Villa Road - 15 Goldfinches

K Moir, B Vickers, A Josephs

7th January 2008

Siberian White-fronted Goose ( Anser albifrons)
Hawksbridge Lane, Oxenhope with a flock of Greylags

redpoll 6, large group of Long-tailed Tits with goldcrest and
treecreeper, GSWdpkr

B Vickers, G Robin

6th January 2008

Riddlesden garden
3 Woodpigeon 3 Starling, 6 Blackbird, 4 Bluetit, 2 Great Tit,
7 Long Tailed Tit, 1 Greenfinch, 1 Male Siskin, 2 Goldfinch.
1 Wren, 3 Dunnock

White-front Goose with 53 Greylags at Leeshaw

Blackhills, Cottingley
three Crossbills feeding high in the conifers,
a party of Siskin, Redpolls, several Bullfinch and a Nuthatch

Toad holes Beck
70+Siskin, 5 Bullfinch and 1 Kingfisher

Silsden Floods,
Teal 2, Wigeon 9.

Cononley Ings
Teal 157, Wigeon 10, Bullfinch 1, Lapwing 500+, Redshank 2.

Wharfe Valley
Little Owl 2, Short-eared Owl 2, GBBGull 5,
Red Kite 2, Buzzard 5, Sparrowhawk 1, Kestrel 3,
Gt Spotted Woodpecker

Fly Flatts Res
14 Greylag, 1 Goldeneye, 7 Red Grouse

East Riddlesden Hall - male Brambling

Goit Stock
Dipper, Bullfinch, Nuthatch

S Lilley, R Proctor, DCBarker, B Vickers, B Sumner
M&H Doveston, FLHadrysiak

Bullfinch - S Lilley

5th January 2008

East Riddlesden Hall -
male Brambling, Kingfisher, 2 Bullfinch

male siskin in Villa Road garden, Bingley

Private Wetlands
Pair Goosander on the river, 9 Goldeneye, 5 Pochard,
6 Teal, 1 Red Crested Pochard, 4 Common Gull, 5 Snipe,
2 Siskin, 4 Bullfinch, 3 Brambling and 1 GSW

Lower laithe Res,
28 Canada Geese, 2 Goosander, 1 Cormorant

Leeshaw Res, 22 Fieldfare, 1 Curlew flying Nw

Soil Hill
56 Fieldfare, 2 Skylark, 1 Meadow Pipit
3 Roe Deer

M&H Doveston, A Josephs, E Scarfe,
B Vickers, B Sumner, S Lilley

Wigeon at Redcar Tarn - B Vickers

4th January 2008

Private Wetlands
Red-crested Pochard and Scaup were still present.
3 Wigeon, 2 Little Grebe, 10 Goldeneye, 4 Pochard.
A Jay, 2 Bullfinches and a Siskin

Redcar Tarn,
1 Wigeon. 3 Goosander, Tufted Duck, Lapwing.

Silsden Floods
43 Teal, 1 Mute Swan, 125 Lapwing.

Cononley Ings,
80+ Teal, 100+ Mallard, 700+ Lapwing, Redwing.

Riddlesden Garden, Leach Way - 2 female Blackcap

B Vickers, J Brownbridge, D Odell

3rd January 2008

Silsden Res - 3 Pochard

Shipley - 3 Redpoll

D Odell, M Doveston

Robin - S Lilley

2nd January 2008

Hunsworth Rd , East Bierley - Barn Owl

Barden Bridge and the Cavendish Pavillion
3 Dippers, Little Grebe, Raven, Jay, Red Kite

Cononley Ings area - not one duck seen of any species.
3 Redshank, 600 Lapwing, 200 Fieldfare, Cormorant,
6 Meadow Pipit, Goosander onriver, Kestrel.

MVPriestley, D Odell, J Flood, S Radcliffe

1st January 2008

Private Wetlands
Red-crested Pochard still present, 1st yr male Scaup.
GCGrebe, Little Grebe, 60+Siskin, Redwings, Cormorant
9 Snipe flushed from field, Oystercatcher, 2 Pochard
20+Tufted Duck, 10+Goldeneye, 2 Water Rail heard

Knotford Nook
2 GCGrebe, Little Grebe, 3 Gadwall, 38 Wigeon,
148 Coot, 34 Tufted Duck, Pochard, 20+Goldeneye
Grey Wagtail,

Silsden Floods
3 Wigeon, 2 Teal, 600 BHGulls, 3 GHeron

East Riddlesden Hall - Kingfisher

3 Water Rail - dusk, 2 Goosander, Redpoll, Siskin

M Doveston, J Armstrong