This weekend at Stockbridge Reserve

(members only site)
Saturday - Tawny Owl, male Blackcap, Goldcrest, 2 Bullfinch
Sunday - Comorant, Water Rail, Bullfinch, 15 Pinkfoot flying east.
per Fred Drake et al.

30th October 2011

East Riddlesden Hall (10.30-12.00)
2 Nuthatch at feeders, 22 Greylag Geese over, Goosander,
30+BHGull in fields, 6 Siskin, flock of Long-tailed Tits,

Marley Playing Fields (15.00-16.00)
Long-tailed Tit flock, Jays, White-throated Dipper C.c.gularis
Goldcrests, Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Song Thrush, Redwing

M Doveston

Harold Park Lake, Low Moor - Black Swan

M Priestley

Thursday 27 October 2011

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - included in the 34 species recorded - female Blackcap, a flock of 40 Siskin, 100 Fieldfare, 50 Redwing, 4 Bullfinch, Reed Bunting, 3 Song Thrush,
4 Goosanders & 2 GSW.
Fred Drake et al

Wednesday 26 October 2011

River Aire - 2 Dippers together just west (upstream) of Denso Marsden reserve - before you reach the rail bridge.One was likely to be the blackbellied bird reported before. Confiding to about 15feet and proper photographers would have had a field day.
Gus Robin
Denton Hall - 260 Curlew in 2 flocks in front of Hall in late afternoon.
John Flood

Monday 24th October 2011

Glovershaw, Baildon Moor.
A surprise Wheatear seen this afternoon on the wall that runs alongside the 11th fairway of Baildon Golf Course.
Paul King

Monday 24 October 2011

Strid Woods - 37 Mandarin Ducks (20 males, 17 females) in four groups – all on eastern bank - between Cavendish Pavilion and aqueduct.
9 Goosanders (over same stretch) including my first male of the autumn.
Flock of 40 Common Gulls on back road.
Several tit flocks.
John Flood

Sunday 23 October 2011

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - amongst the 37 species recorded - Redpoll, 4 Goosander, GSW, Water Rail, Sparrowhawk, Bullfinch, winter thrushes, Grey Wagtail, 4 Reed Bunting.
Fred Drake et al
Red Kite heading east over the village.
Nuthatch at feeders most of the day near East Ridds Hall
M Doveston
Glovershaw - Wheatear, 2 Kestrel, 300 Fieldfare feeding.
Sconce Lane area - Buzzard, 30 Lapwing, 10 Grey Partridge, Redpoll.
Shaun Radcliffe

Saturday 22 October 2011

Cullingworth Fields early afternoon: Adult Yellow-legged Gull, as well as the 2nd-winter bird from yesterday.
Keith Moir

Friday 21 October 2011

Lower Barden Reservoir - one flock of 500 Fieldfare moved through heading towards Embsay direction. Also 2 Buzzard, Sparrowhawk & Kestrel.
Shaun Radcliffe
Yellow-legged Gull (2nd-winter) at Cullingworth fields (Keighley Road) early afternoon.
Adult Mediterranean Gull with about 1300 Black-headed Gulls in a roost this evening at members only reservoir.
Keith Moir

Thursday 20 October 2011

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - a quiet morning. Water Rail & Sparrowhawk recorded.
Graham Forsythe.
Rivock Plantation (also known as High Moor Plantation) - 42 Crossbill, 4 Redpoll, 20 Siskin, 10 Goldfinch.
Silsden Moor - 2 Buzzard
Mark Dawson

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Denton - 34 Curlew and a Lapwing in fields in front of Hall
Knotford Nook - Wigeon 26, Mute Swan 8, Tufted Duck 22, GCG 7, Moorhen 3, Coot 161.
Private Wetlands (permit holders only) - Wigeon 21, GCG, Cormorant 14, Mute Swan 12, Tufted Duck 37, Moorhen 5, Coot 65 plus Willow Tit on feeder.
John Flood
Reva Hill area - 37 R L Partridge, 4 Snipe, Reed Bunting, Red Kite & Sparrowhawk over Hawksworth Moor. 6 Hares seen.
Shaun Radcliffe

Monday 17 October 2011

Ruff still at Cononley Ings this morning. Now with increased flock of around 1400 Lapwing.
Keith Moir

Sunday continued

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - Water Rail (possibly 2), Sparrowhawk, Bullfinch, Fieldfare, Redwing, GSW in the 29 species recorded.
Shaun Radcliffe
Strid Woods - 35 Mandarin Duck this afternoon.
Keith Moir

16th October 2011

Denholme Clough 0730-0930
Brambling 16, Redwing 65, Fieldfare 135, Siskin 31,
Redpoll 4, Reed Bunting, Greenfinch, Chaffinch, Goldfinch,
Woodpigeon 345, Herring Gull, LBBGull, Sparrowhawk,
Pied Wagtail 7, Meadow Pipit 3

Doe Park Res - water levels up;
Wigeon female, Cormorant 2, Sparrowhawk female,
Redwing, Fieldfare, 4 Jay

Ten Yards Lane, Harecroft/Thornton
male and female Wheatear showing characteristics of Greenland

East Riddlesden Hall & R.Aire walk
Kingfisher, Chiffchaff, BHgull 30+, Nuthatch
Siskin, Redpoll, Redwing, Greenfinch, Goldfinch

M Doveston

Saturday 15 October 2011

Cononley Ings were: Teal 150, Wigeon 73, Pintail 1, Ruff 1, Lapwing c950
Keith Moir
Over house in Bingley at 08.50 - 80 Pinkfoot flying S W
Shaun Radcliffe

Friday 14th continued

Today's tally in a short watch at Denholme Clough (0840 to 1010 ) was:
Redwing 940 Fieldfare 1060

Keith Moir

Whetstone Gate -
 Red Kite, Kestrel, Little Owl, 30 Redwing plus shooters

Shaun Radcliffe

Caldene Fields - vis mig watch
Brent Goose >61 N, Pink footed Goose > 77 S/W
Canada Goose> 7 E, Mallard > 8 S/W
Lapwing > 5S, BH Gull > 81 S
Meadow Pipit > 5 S, Pied Wagtail > 35 W/ S/W
Jackdaw > 6 S/W, Carrion Crow > 3 S/W
Wood Pigeon > 144 S/W, Stock Dove > 1 W
Skylark > 2 S, Mistle Thrush > 2 S/W
Redwing > 29,371 S/S/W, Fieldfare > 3,604 S/S/W
Blackbird > 1 W, Song Thrush > 2 S
Starling > 403 > W/S/W, Greenfinch > 9 S/W
Chaffinch >  1 W/S/W, Siskin> 2S
Lesser Redpoll > 36S + 2 N =38
Brambling > 1 W, Goldfinch > 95 S + 3 N/W


Friday 14th October 2011

A Short-eared Owl was seen at dawn over Baildon Moor having been seen at dusk on the previous evening. A large mixed flock of 300 Fieldfare and Redwing flew over the moor from the Sconce direction into trees in the Crook Farm area where a flock of 30 Redwing had been seen earlier.  Six Grey Partridge were feeding in the field adjacent to Golcar Farm where five Lapwing had settled.

Thursday 13 October 2011

Three hours in Denholme Clough from 1040 produced:
Redwing 2050
Fieldfare 2630
Marsh Harrier 1 female
Swallow 1
Redpoll 3
Plus uncounted small parties of Greenfinch and Chaffinch.
Keith Moir

2 Swallow on 13/10 over Lidget Green


10th October 2011

Redcar Tarn - 2 Goosander.
P Croft

Sunday continued

Stockbridge Reserve (members only) - 50 Redwing in two flocks, Siskin, Bullfinch, Sparrowhawk.
Shaun Radcliffe

9th October 2011

Denso Marstairs ReserveNo sign of the Black-bellied Dipper today as of 10am
Redwings passing through the reserve.

S Warrilow

Redcar Tarn
LBBGull, Common Gull, BHGull,
Goosander 9, Tufted Duck 6, Lapwing

M Doveston

8th October 2011

Denso Marstairs Reserve - Black-bellied Dipper
Seen on the reserve.

S Warrilow

South Bradford;
Park Dam this morning, adult Little Grebe still feeding quite small young birds. Great Crested Grebe young were in juvenile plumage. Frenzied feeding tit flocks were seen through Judy Woods, including 16 Long-tailed Tits one point. Hangers on included Coal Tit, Dunnock and Goldcrest. Noisy Jays numbered about 6. 5 Wren were also seen. . Drama unfurled near the wood edge as a female Sparrowhawk was harrassed by a team of fearless Jays and Magpies, it's persuers nearly being snatched on numerous occasions.

J Brass

East Riddlesden Hall
Nuthatch, 2 Bullfinch, 10+Long Tailed Tit, 3 Coal Tit,
10+Goldfinch, 4+Chaffinch
M Doveston

2nd October 2011

Redcar Tarn 0900
Golden Plover 10 in fields with 250 Lapwing
LBBGull, Common Gull, Black-headed Gull,
Meadow Pipit, Pied Wagtail, Tufted Duck,

M Doveston

1st October 2011

Any sightings you can be published here by emailing Mark D via his profile found in the left hand column.

Denholme Clough - Doe Park Reservoir 0710am
Meadow Pipit 470, Pied Wagtail 26, Grey Wagtail 3,
Swallow 41, House Martin 2, Skylark 1,
Siskin 43, Redpoll 11, Linnet 8, Chaffinch 30, Greenfinch 7,
Goldfinch 18, Bullfinch, Reed Bunting 3,
Chiffchaff 4+, Song Thrush 1, Mistle Thrush 4,
Kestrel, Sparrowhawk, Green Wdpkr, GSWdpkr,
Crossbill 1+7 west, Lapwing 13, Goosander 6

M Doveston, J Roberts

30th September 2011

Good numbers of crossbills, goldfinches, goldcrests, coal tits, siskins plus 3 sparrowhawks Rivock plantation
M Dawson