30th July 2007

Glovershaw Area
Alongside the Glen Road was a male Yellowhammer and
close by a was a Whinchat. Wheatear on the wall by
Birch Close Lane, the two juvenile Stonechats by Golcar Farm.
A family party of up to ten Pheasants was in this area and
four Grey Partridges flushed. Another Grey Partridge was in
the fields close by Golcar Farm as were a Curlew with a
damaged wing and a post-breeding flock of Lapwings.

Leeshaw Res - Cormorant 3, Kestrel 2 (Juvs)

Nab Water Lane - Kestrel 2 (Juvs)

Members Only Res - 25 Goosander

Whetstone - Bradup area - 6 Wheatear, Willow Warbler

Silsden Floods - pm visit
Snipe, 300+Lapwing, 40+Mallard, 50+BHGulls
LBBGull, Curlew, 75+Pied Wagtails, 8 GHeron
Sand Martin, House Martin, Swifts, Swallows

Barden Fell, Simon's Seat - 4 Wheatear

River Wharfe at Barden Bridge -
Kingfisher. Young Sand Martins showing heads out of bank holes.

Wharfe Valley - Buzzard, Red Kite

P King, B Vickers, K Moir, I Hargreaves,
M Doveston, S Radcliffe

29th July 2007

Silsden Floods
immature Little Ringed Plover, adult Dunlin,
300+Lapwing, Oystrcatcher, Curlew, 6 GHeron
100+Pied Wagtails, 40+BHGulls, Mallards

Wharfe Valley - Red Kite, 2 Kestrel, 2 Sparrowhawk
20+Swifts, 20+House Martins, 10+Sand Martins, 20+Swallows

2 Wheatears around the paddock area at Golcar Farm
and nearby 2 juvenile Stonechats and a male by Birch Close Lane.
2 Stock Doves, Kestrel. 50 Lapwings. Meadow Pipits are still
carrying food, ReedBuntings, Linnets and Skylarks.

East Riddlesden Hall
Kingfisher, Willow Warbler, Sand Martin, Swifts,
40+Mallard, Bullfinches, GSWdpkr, Banded Demoiselle

Norr Hill, Wilsden
Swift 30, Common Gull 15 > NW, BHGull 48 > NW
LBBGull 45 > W, Starling 18 > S, Linnet 35

Fly Flatts
House Martin 84 >W, Sand Martin 5 >W, Swift 17 >W, Skylark 4 >W
Wheatear 4 on deck, 6 Linnet, Kestrel, Merlin

P King, M&H Doveston, DCBarker, B Sumner

28th July 2007

Silsden Floods
300+Lapwings, Pied Wagtails, BHGulls

Wheatstone Gate - Wheatear, Stonechats

St.Ives - Chiffchaff, 20+Swallows

Myrtle Park Area - singing Blackcap, Nuthatch

River Aire, Cottingley area - Browncap, Willow Warbler, Kingfisher

Dowley Gap - approx 200 Swift, juv Willow Warbler

Hirst Wood Area -
singing Blackcap, young Jay, GSW, juv Bullfinch,
Willow Warbler & Garden Warbler

40 Lapwings and two adults still with large chicks.
5 Willow Warblers (including young birds). Two Grey Partridges
Little Owl, Kestrel

Norr Hill, Wilsden - Swift 141 > WSW

I Hargreaves, S Radcliffe, M&H Doveston, P King, DCBarker

27th July 2007

Sand Martin @ Leeshaw - B Vickers

Private Wetlands
10 Tufted Duck, 15 Mute Swan, 9 Oystercatcher, Common Tern
4 single G C G, plus pair with 4 young. G S W, 6 Bullfinch (family)
2 Cormorant, Stock Dove, 7 Grey Heron,
possible female Scaup, observer no longer 100%

Members Only Res
19 Goosander, 1 Wheatear, 2 Oystercatchers.

Leeshaw Res - 1 Cormorant, 10 Sand Martins

Oxenhope - Swifts moving all day

Norr Hill, Wilsden
Swifts moving through, 35 House Sparrows, 6 Woodpigeon
50 Jackdaws, 1 Little Owl, 20+ Swallows > W
6 Linnet > W

S Radcliffe, B Vickers, DCBarker

25th July 2007

Leeshaw Res
Little Owls 3 juveniles, Swifts 20+ drifting Sw at 1340.
Oystercatcher 3

Riddlesden - 2 Oystercatchers over

B Vickers, H Doveston

24th July 2007

Green Sandpiper on River Aire between Carleton Road bridge and Skipton Sewage Farm this evening ( apparently for a few days )

Alder Carr Wood -
Tawny Owl, Sparrowhawk adult plus at least 1 juvenile.

Jay Tail Farm - Kestrel.

Whetstone Gate - 1 Wheatear

East Riddlesden Hall
Jays, Bullfinches, House Martins, Swifts,

Foxhill, Queensbury
Swifts moving fast and directly south. Total casual count...226

F Jones, S Radcliffe, H Doveston, B Sumner

23rd July 2007

Silsden Floods
2 Little Ringed Plover, Dunlin, Redshank,
300+ Lapwing, 7 Snipe, 4 Oystercatchers

B Vickers

22nd July 2007

Private Wetlands 0640-0730
Whimbrel flyover, Reed Warbler singing, Common Gull
GCGrebe with downy young, Oystercatchers, Lapwings,
60+Swifts, Sand Martin, House Martin, Swallows, Willow Warbler
Tufted Ducks, Stock Doves, Kingfisher

Silsden Floods
Common Sandpiper, 260 Lapwing, 180 BHGull
4 Oystercatchers, Gheron, Swifts, Sand Martin
House Martin, Swallow, Willow Warbler, Pied Wagtails

East Riddlesden Hall
male GSWdpkr, 3 Jays, Bullfinches, House Martins

flyover of 10 Cormorant, Sedge Warbler, Willow Warbler,
Blackcap, Sparrowhawk carrying dead bird,
4 Oystercatchers, 17 Swift

Norr Hill, Wilsden - vismig
Swift 516 >W, Sand Martin 6 >W, Skylark 2 >W, Mistle Thrush 1 >W
Linnet 10 >W, Goldfinch 4 >W, Greenfinch 7 >W, Lesser BB Gull 1 > E

Fly Flatts
71 Swallows >W, 5 Swift >W, 4 Skylark >W

M Doveston, S Radcliffe, DCBarker, B Sumner

21st July 2007

Silsden Floods
2 adult Dunlin, 2 Oystercatcher, 120+Lapwing, GHeron
a few BHGulls, Pied Wagtails, Swallows

Redcar Tarn
female Tufted Duck with 2 juvs, 1 BHGull

Leeshaw Res
6+Sand Martin, 30+Swallows, Canada Geese
Little Owl, 2 Oystercatcher, 40+ Swift

Doe Park Res
Willow Warbler singing

East Riddlesden Hall
Blackcap singing, 2 Immature Jays, Treecreeper,
3 Bullfinches, House Martin, Swifts, juv Song Thrush

young Jay on peanut feeder, Kestrel, GSW,
Sedge Warbler, Blackcaps, Willow Warbler & Kingfisher

Chelker Res Pm visit:
Raven over - Calling, Buzzard over
Reed Buntings, Swift, Swallow, House martin

M Doveston, S Radcliffe, B Vickers, D Farr

19th July 2007

Members Only Reservoir - vismig count
Swallow 265 > S, Linnet 10 > NW

Gallows Hill
4 Spotted Flycatcher, 4+ Whitethroat,
1 female Bullfinch.

DCBarker, E Scarfe

18th July 2007

East Riddlesden Hall
Kingfisher, Jays, Bullfinches, Dunnock with young
Blackcap singing, Tanwy Owls calling 22:45

Bland Hill (1300)
Juvenile peregrine flying low over fields south of Watson’s lane

M Doveston, J Flood

17th July 2007

East Riddlesden Hall
2x Tawny Owls at 23.00

M&H Doveston

16th July 2007

Lower Barden Res - 2 male Common Scoter

Draughton Heights - Greenshank

Sconce Lane area
six pairs of Meadow Pipits, four pairs of Reed Buntings,
two pairs of Linnets and a family party of Stonechats.

F Jones, JLTopham, P King

15th July 2007

Nuthatch in Queensbury garden - C Shields

East Riddlesden Hall
Jays, Bullfinches, Treecreeper, GSWdpkr female,
Cormorant flew over

St. Ives
3 Chiffchaffs singing, Blackcap singing, Sparrowhawk, Kestrel
Jays, Nuthatches, GSWdpkrs, Grey Wagtail, Swallows
Oystercatcher flew over

Leeshaw Res
3 Common Terns flew over the res from the east at 0900,
Common Sandpiper, 1 Little Owl, 5 Oystercatchers, 2 Grey Wagtail,
44 Canada Geese

Fly Flatts
48 Swift >SW, 14 House Martin >SW, 3 Skylark >W
230 Canadas, 2 Tufted Duck, 4 Common Sandpiper,
3 LBB Gull, 1 Sparrowhawk, Snipe

M&H Doveston, B Vickers, B Sumner, C Shields

14th July 2007

Queensbury Garden - Willow Tit (photo C Shields)

Silsden Floods
137 Lapwing, 4 Oystercatchers, 20+BHGulls, Pied Wagtails

Redcar Tarn - female Tufted with three young

East Riddlesden Hall
Jays, Bullfinches, GSWdpkr female, Blackcap singing,

M&H Doveston, C Shields

8th July 2007

Tufted Duck @ Redcar Tarn - I Hargreaves

Barden Moor
male Whinchat, Stonechat family, 3 Reed Bunting,
Meadow Pipits carrying food, Snipe drumming,
Oystercatcher, Curlew, Lapwings, Kestrel, Willow Warbler

Lower Barden Res
Greylags, Canada Geese, Oystercachers, Lapwings, Linnets

Wharfe Valley
Cormorant, Sand Martin, Swifts, Swallows

Chelker Res - 8 Tufted Ducks

Silsden Floods
adult Yellow-legged Gull (down bypass towards Keighley)
20 LBBGulls, 100 BHGulls, GHeron

East Riddlesden Hall
4 Jay, Moorhen with juvs, Coot with juvs, 40 Mallard,
Blackcap singing, Song Thrush singing, 4 Bullfinches

Stockbridge - 36 species including the following:
Ketrels, Sparrowhawk carrying mammal from reserve,
singing Blackcap, Sedge Warbler & Whitethroat.
Browncap returing to raspbery patch, 2 Willow Warblers,
male Bullfinch at feeder, Song Thrush carrying food

M Doveston, S Radcliffe, I Hargreaves

5th July 2007

Lower Barden Res.
2 Oystercatchers, 1 Snipe drumming, fly past of 60 Curlew,
1 pair of Whinchat with 2 young, another with 3 young.
Grey Wagtail, 2 Linnet, 4 Goldfinch, pair of Stonechat
plenty of Willow Warblers singing. Reed Buntings

Between Lower & Upper Barden Res -
young Cuckoo flying short distances followed by Meadow Pipit parents,
another pair of Stonechat with 2 young.

Gill Beck, Barden Moor
another pair of Stonechat with 2 young. juvenile Wheatear feeding.
Male Blackcap singing from mountain ash in gill

60+ Sand Martins and several Swifts over Leeshaw Res

24 Curlew, 2 Redshank, 6 Oystercatchers, 4 Teal at Kildwick Ings

East Riddlesden Hall - family party of Jay, Bullfinches

S Radcliffe, B Vickers, M&H Doveston

2nd July 2007

Woods below Oxenhope along Bridgehouse Beck pm
spotted flycatcher adults feeding 2 fledged young

S Parkes

1st July 2007

Stockbridge during downpour.
four young Kestrels. Male Blackcap singing whilst a female
raided the raspberries, next to the hide.
Juvenile Grey Heron, juv Willow Warbler, Whitethroat calling
and 4 Oystercatchers. Parrot Species flying around.

East Riddlesden Hall
Kingfisher, Chiffchaff singing, 3 Juv Bullfinches, Jay.
House Martins, Swifts

S Radcliffe, M&H Doveston