31st May 2005

St.Ives 2045-2230
at least 4 roding Woodcock

Undisclosed Site
2 Nightjar, Leo, Tree Pipit, Woodcock

30th May 2005

Elland Gravel Pits
whitethroat, garden warbler and blackcap

Cold Edge Dams

stonechat, common sand

Swinsty Res
2 garden warbler, GSWP, cormorant, 2 GCG

Goit Stock
Cuckoo, Dipper, Grey Wagtail, Blackcap
Willow warbler, Nuthatch, Curlew, GSWdpkr

Catstone Moor, Cullingworth
1 pair Stonechat, Linnet, Lapwing, Curlew
130 LBBGulls in fields with 1 Herring Gull

Hewenden Res
1 pair GCGrebe with young, 2 Coot with nest

B Sumner, A Jowett, M Doveston

29th May 2005

St.Ives 0650 - short walk
Wood Warbler, Whitethroat, Blackcap, Chiffchaff
Willow Warbler, GSWdpkr, Green Wdpkr,
no sign of Redsart on territory for another year

Dick Hudson's to 12 Apostles to Hawksworth to Dick Hudsons
1200-1600. 1 Golden Plover, Redshank, Curlew, Lapwing
Linnet, Skylark

M Doveston

28th May 2005

St.Ives 0700
Garden Warbler, Wood Warbler, Spotted Flycatcher
no sign of Pied Fly Little Owl, Tawny Owl
Blackcap, Chiffchaff, Willow Warbler, Sparrowhawk

Wharfe Valley 1030-1400
Osprey, Red Kite, 5+Buzzard
Kestrel, Herring Gull

Chelker Res
4 Tufted Duck

Silsden Res
3 Oystercatcher, 2 Cormorant

Redcar Tarn
10x Tufted Duck

M Doveston

27th May 2005

Lindley Wood Res
RL partridge, bullfinch, garden warbler, GCG on nest

26th May 2005

undisclosed site
nightjar churring and LEO

24th May 2005

Hirst Wood
2x male Pied Flycatcher

Wharfe Valley
2 ospreys

Undisclosed site
nightjar (seen but no churring), LEO (inc young), SEO, tree pipit, 6 woodcock, redstart, 2 snipe, 3 kestrel,oystercatcher, singing redpoll and goldcrest

23rd May 2005

undisclosed site
LEO, 2 woodcock, 2 tree pipit, tawny owl

22nd May 2005

Small Private Lake
GSWP, chiffchaff, garden warbler, kestrel,goosander, canada geese with young, mute swan

Cold Edge dam
pair stonechat,wheatear, common sand, redshank

Fly Flatts Res
14 canadas with 18 young, wheatear, common sand, cuckoo

21st May 2005

Doe Park Reservoir 0700
1 Black-headed Gull on the expanding shoreline

Bents Lane
Little Owl

Goit Stock 0730-0820
1 Dipper plus another with well grown juvenile, 2 Chiffchaff
Blackcap, Grey Wagtails carrying food, Juv Song Thrush

Harden Moor 0830-0930
Garden Warbler, Tree Pipit, Stonechat carrying food
Linnets, Green Woodpkr, Weasel

St.Ives 0940-1240
2 Spotted Flycatcher, male Pied Flycatcher singing,
Coots, Moorhen, Mallard & Canada Geese all with young
Nuthatch, Blackcap, Willow Warbler, 5 Chiffchaff
Wood Warbler, young Long-tailed Tits, GSWdpkr, Kestrel

M Doveston

20th May 2005

Knotford area
LSWP, dipper, pochard, goosander

Ernest scarfe

18th May 2005

singing Pied Flycatcher, Spotted Flycatcher, Blackcap
also present: Jay, Blackbird with young

M Doveston

17th May 2005

Spotted Flycatcher, Tawny Owl, Blackcap, Chiffchaff
Nuthatch, +usual woodland species

House Martins back at Birchlands colony

M Doveston

15th May 2005

Hebers Ghyll Wood
3-4 wood warbler, cuckoo, tree pipit

3 tree sparrows ringed

Keighley (yesterday)
osprey over

Dave Kidman, Simon Goodwin, Andy Jowett, Ian Hargreaves

13th May 2005

St.Ives 0700-0815
male Pied Flycatcher, male Spotted Flycatcher, Wood Warbler
Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Treecreeper, Swallows, Jay nest building

M Doveston

12th May 2005

Hebers Ghyll Wood
2-3 cuckoo, 3 wood warbler

Marley Brow
pied flycatcher

Small Private Lake
dipper, GSWP at nest, pair ruddy duck, blackcap, chiffchaff

Lippersley Pike
whinchat, stonechat

Members Only SW
garden and sedge warbler

Private Wetland pm visit
7 GCGrebe, 2 Little Grebe, Curlew, Redshank, Lapwing
Oystercatcher, Common Gull, 2 Common Tern, Sedge Wblr
Blackcap, 100s of Hirundines and Swifts, Tufted Ducks

A Jowett, S Goodwin, J Flood, M Doveston

11th May 2005

St. Ives pm visit
1 pair Tufted Duck on Coppice Pond

10th May 2005

3 Cuckoo, pair Stonechat, female Wheatear

Stockbridge 1920-2000
Whitethroat, Sedge W, Garden W, Blackcap, Willow W
Swift, Swallow, House Martin, LBBGull x2, Reed Bunting

M Doveston, S Radcliffe

9th May 2005

Jacob's Well
lesser whitethroat singing

High Brown Knoll (010304)
2 dotterel

Folly Hall Wood
6 male and one female pied flycatcher, 3 redstart, green woodpecker

redstart and 3 singing ped flycatcher

8th May 2005

St.Ives 0700-1000
Spotted Flycatcher, Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Willow Warbler
5 Tufted Duck, Canada and Coot with young, 2 Treecreeper
3 Jay, Kestrel, plus usual woodland species

Low Wood
2 Blackcap, 2 Treecreeper

M Doveston, S Radcliffe

7th May 2005

Doe Park Res
Grey Heron, Jay, Swallow, Curlew, Linnets, Willow Warblers

Silsden Res
Goosander, 2 Cormorant, GCGrebe, Grey Heron, Swallows

BOG Walk - Barden Bridge & Strid Woods 0700-1000
5+ male Pied Flycatcher, 3+ male Redstart
3+ male Wood Warbler, male Spotted Flycatcher
1 Pair Mandarin, 4+Dipper, Grey Wagtail, 2 Chiffchaff,
Willow Warbler, Blackcap, Sand Martin, Swallow
GSWdpkr, Nuthatch, Treecreeper, Tawny Owl

Wilsden Hill to Bents Lane farmland
Not a single Skylark singing

Elland Gravel Pits
Arctic Tern

6th May 2005

Private Wetland pm visit
Whimbrel in to roost

S Johnson

4th may 2005

Members only SW

Trough Lane
22 wheatears

Members Only Reservoir pm visit
2 Common Sandpiper, 2 Oystercatcher, Redshank, Curlew, Lapwing
Golden Plover, Swallow, Pied Wagtail

3rd May 2005

Hanging Wood
3 tree pipit, redstart, male pied flycather, garden warbler

Strid Wood
pied flycatcher, 3 wood warbler, 2 redstart, mandarin

Trough Lane
21 wheatear, whinchat

Magistrates Court, Hallings, Bradford City Centre
male Lesser Whitethroat in full song at 10.45am

Martyn Priestley

2nd May 2005

linnet, 2 singing yellowhammer, green woodpecker, lapwing with young, snipe

Doe Park Res area PM visit
3 Wheatear in fields nearby, male and two females

4 female Wheatears, 2 Redshank, Linnet

Bingley Moor
2x Redpoll, Cuckoo, 24x Green Hair-streaks, Lizard

Cold Edge Dams
2 Tree Pipit, Cuckoo, Common Sandpiper

Members Only Reservoir
c44 Wheatears on the move, Dunlin, Ringed Plover
Turnstone House Martin, Sand Martin

Whetstone Gate
8 wheatear, stonechat

Paul King, Mark Doveston, Shaun Radcliffe, Brian Sumner, Dave Barker, Ian Hargreaves

1st May 2005

St.Ives 0550-0710
2 Whitethroat, 4 Chiffchaff, Blackcap, Willow Warbler
several Jay, Tawny Owl, Nuthatch, usual woodland species

Dick Hudson's fields
2 Redshank, several Lapwing, Greylags

Private Wetland Site
3 common and 2 arctic tern, 8 wheatear, 2 yellow wagtail, LRP, gadwall, 200 sand martin, 320 swallow, 6 sedge warbler, garden warbler, 50 swift

Soil Hill
wheatear and whinchat


Members Only SW
grasshopper warbler and several sedge warblers

Trough Lane/Oxenhope area
15 wheatear

Gallows Hill
whitethroat, 2 garden warbler, buzzard


2 wheatear, whinchat, grasshopper warbler, 5+ sedge warbler, whitethroat, garden warbler

Mark DOveston, Simon Johnson, Nigel Kerwin, Ian Hargreaves, Brian Vickers, Ernest Scarfe