Note on sensitive species

this is a short note to clarify why certain records are posted under the title "undisclosed site". The site name is not mentioned where the safety or breeding success of the birds could be compromised due to it being publicised. This could be in the form of disturbance, persecution or egg collecting and thus sightings of certain species will not be published. This is not to be awkward but simply to put the birds welfare first. Some of these species are excluded from the website at the request of organisations such as the RSPB and English Nature.

We would still welcome all sightings to be submitted and more importantly would encourage all birders to submit their records to the BOG recorder as sending them to be included on the website is completely seperate from the BOG records database/annual reports.

Below is a list of species where the site name will remain confidential. We hope this carifies the matter and that it does not cause any inconevience and that birders appreciate the need for this discretion

All Schedule 1 species present on breeding territory and/or present in the breeding season. A list of all of these can be found on Note this includes LRP, Kingfisher and Black Redstart

All Raptor and Owl species on breeding territory and/or present in the breeding season. There is some overlap here with the previous section.

All Hen Harrier and Goshawk records.

All Nightjar sites.

All sites which are private and/or sensitive where access arrangements for birders may be compromised.