1st May 2007

Lower Barden Res - 3 Bar-tailed Godwit

4 Wheatears, one on the Glen Road and three on the walls at Birch Close Lane. The male Yellowhammer still along Glen Road.

East Riddlesden Hall - "insomniacs are us":
3.30am Tawny Owl hooting, 4.00am Grey Heron arrives upsetting Coots and Moorhens whose alarms calls must have stirred the Song Thrush so he starts singing. 4.30am Blackbirds join their cousin, followed by Robins, Dunnocks and Wrens. 5.00am The Blackcap starts as the Song Thrush has a break. By 5.30am they are all taking part in the dawn chorus.......

Knotford Nook
Tree Sparrow (photo B Vickers)

P King, M Doveston, G Holmes, B Vickers