20th January 2011

male blackcap in my garden at Woodside BD6 all week.

J Brass

Wharfe Valley - Great Grey Shrike
A Great Grey Shrike at the Barden Scale watchpoint (car park) this afternoon. First in the large sycamore near the underkeeper's cottage, but it soon flew off towards Barden Beck (southward).  At 2.30 pm the bird flew into Bull Coppy Wood, close to the watchpoint. It promptly caught & skewered one of a party of about 6 Long-tailed Tits which it later came back to pull apart.  The bird stayed close on the facing side of the wood for some time before we lost it farther back among the trees at about 3.30 pm., though it did not take the remains of the LT Tit which it may well return to.  Is this the Storiths bird moved 2.5 miles up valley ot the Grimwith Reservoir bird moved down valley 7 miles?  Or is it a different bird altogether?  We'll be having a flock of them soon at this rate!

R Clark, G Holmes, K Limb, J Hall & AGGough

2 Common Buzzards flew eastward past Bartle Gill Drive, Baildon, both mobbed by groups of Carrion Crows. The first (which came very close) at 11.37 am & the second (it had to be a different bird) at 11.39 am.  Also a male Brambling briefly in tree in field behind house at 10.42 am on the same day.