Thursday 21 July 2011

Little Egret - feeding at western end of Beaverdyke Reservoir at 0930. When flushed it flew on to John O'Gaunts and was still there at 1000 as I was leaving.
2 Little Grebe (it looks as though they like to gather at the 3 reservoirs at the end of the season – there were 5 there last year)
1 male Redstart with juvenile
1 Little Owl on ruined building on northern side of reservoir
Scargill Reservoir (rather quiet)
20 – 30 Swallows hunting low over fields below reservoir plus few over each reservoir - looking very end-of-seasonish.
Also - Ilkley Lido (early morning)
6 Herons and 3 Oystercatchers on field in front of lido
John Flood

Its that bird again!

Norwood Bottom :- Little Egret in dead tree then feeding in river until disturbed by dog walker, it then flew up the valley.
Ernie Scarfe