Sunday 18th March 2012

Denton Hall Pond - Whooper Swan present .Number of Wigeon round pond – 6 seen but limited viewing and almost certainly more. 66 Curlew in fields in front of Hall.
Haverah Park - Single Great Crested Grebe.
John O’Gaunts and Scargill - 52 Teal (25 males, 27 females) on John O’Gaunts – flew off and later number seen under over-hanging branches at Scargill.
20 Tufted Ducks (13 males, 7 females) on John O’Gaunts and Beaverdyke.
male Pochard on John O’Gaunts
A female Goldeneye on Beaverdyke. 2 pairs of Goosander on Scargill
Number of curlews displaying over area but with 68 in tight flock on banks of Scargill
A Redshank on shores of John O’Gaunts
Little Owl on wall above northern shore of John O’Gaunts and below ruined building – watched for 10 minutes
Kex Gill -2 obvious pairs of Redshank
John Flood