Monday 2 July 2012

Ruddy Shelduck was still at Cononley Ings this morning, but flew off, and couldn't be relocated. At Silsden Ings a 2nd-summer Med. Gull was present; it looked like the Farnhill bird of June 27. Most of the standing water has now receded, but there's still a bit at the Skipton end of Cononley Ings, which is supporting gulls and waders.

(Catch Up)
Farnhill Ings: 1st-summer Mediterranean Gull from June 25 to 27, and a 2nd-summer also there on the 27th.
Silsden Ings: Three Yellow-legged Gulls on June 25 (a 2nd-summer, a 3rd-summer, and an adult)
Cononley Ings: An Arctic Tern on June 28, and 22 Redshank.
Keith Moir