Saturday 17th April 2010

Glovershaw Baildon,
In this superb spring weather the moorland fringes around Baildon Moor were at their best. The Golden Plover flock was still at around 200 birds, all showing off their breeding plumage as they occasionally lifted from their feeding grounds. 15 pairs of Lapwings had settled to their task, Snipe were heard overhead and from three different wet areas, a couple of Oystercatcher were busy and three pairs of Curlew were active. Three pairs of Grey Partridge were flushed as I strode across the rough ground to the sound of the ever present Skylark. I walked back towards the Glen as a Swallow flashed by and a Kestrel was seen hunting over the ridge. The number of Willow Warblers had reached eight and a Green Woodpecker announced its presence in the Glen. The passage of Wheatear has slowed, I hope temporarily, for next week must be the time when a good movement is recorded.