8th March 2009

Stockbridge -
3 Reed Bunting, Bullfinch, GSW excavating just below last
year's hole, Sparrowhawk, Curlew flyover, 5 Oystercatcher

Dowley Gap & Hirst Wood
2 pair Reed bunting Dowley Gap sewerage works, in Blackthorne bush.
Stock Dove in Hirst wood prospecting nest hole, Green Woodpecker,
4 G.S.W.P drumming, several Nuthatch calling and 4 Jays seen.
2 Pair of Goosander on river

St.Ives Estate.
There were 30+ Canada Geese, 20+ B.H.Gulls, 15+ Mallards,
6 coot & a Moorhen on the water
At the feeding station:
Robins:5, Dunnocks:3, Pheasants:1M & 1F, Wood Pigeons:6,
Great Tits:8+, Blue Tits:3, Coal Tits:6, L.T. Tits : 2's & 5.
Nuthatch:3, Chaffinch:1, Treecreeper:1, Sparrowhawk:1,
Blackbirds:2 pairs

S Radcliffe, A tremethick, B Neild