19th February 2009

Dowley Gap area
Wintering Chiffchaff singing next to aquaduct, 83 Pied wag counted, plus about 20 more, too mobile to count, 5 Grey wag, 3 G.S.W.peckers drumming in wood.

Oxenhope Between 12.10pm and 12.35pm,
circa 2500 Pink-footed Geese passed WNW, in 16 skeins,
largest being circa 400 birds

2 skeins Pink-footed Geese flew N/W over West Bowling total 350+

Yeadon Tarn
82 Pink-footed Geese flew over from east to north-west
3 Pochard

Leeshaw Res -
150 BH gulls, common gull, cormorant, 27 lapwing, 24 greylag,
36 Canada geese, c.70 fieldfare overhead NW.

Oxenhope Moor (edge of area) -
c 300 Pink-footed geese moving NW

Stockbridge - 33 species this morning including -
3 Redpoll, GSW, 2 Oystercatchers mating, a few Siskin,
Kestrel (male) and Sparrowhawk.

At about 13.45 a skein of geese passed over Fewston Res. Birds totalled
about 100 and formation as Pinkfoot going west

4 siskins, 2 redpolls in garden Nr March Cote Farm Cottingley

Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits am 24 species including:-
dipper(pair), oystercatcher (pair) goosander (pair)
7 goldeneye , 40 + curlew

A Tremethick, H Creber, MVPriestley, P Kng, A Greenwood,
S Radcliffe, S Varrie, S Parkes