7th February 2009

3 goldeneye (1 pair and 1 female), 1 buzzard, 1 jay, 1 bullfinch,
1 green woodpecker (heard) and only 2/3 greylag!

2 male teal, 1 pair great crested grebe, 2 pied wagtails

Dowley Gap
1 Chiffchaff feeding on filter beds, under Blackthorn bush, plenty Meadow pipits, Pied Wag and 7 Grey Wag kept on the move by a Sparrowhawk, all the times I was there. 2 Dipper down bellow Hirst Mill weir, 3 Little Grebe and 5 Tufted Duck down stream of tin bridge towards Roberts Park

25 waxwings in Bingley
On the bushes on the Keighleybound slip road on the
Relief road at Ferncliffe Rd, Bingley

J Flood, A tremethick, C Binns,